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Torquay Beach House

Coastal architecture / Suburban beach house / Surf Coast

Torquay, Victoria


Clients transitioning from the concrete homeland of the inner north of Melbourne were determined to pay homage to their origins in their Torquay build. Like many Beatles songs, two or three chords have proven all you need for a smash hit, and so was our mantra within this design process. Striking timber cladding and recycled brickwork deliver a colour variation which glows amidst the overcast sky pictured (much to the dismay of our photographer). Small details at the entry were intended to reinforce the idea of home upon arrival, sentiment extended by MJ Walsh Landscapes with bluestone paving and coastal planting.  As with the exterior, the interior has kept to a modest colour palette of neutral colour and exposed timber.

As with many coastal properties, the sun shines on your back whilst you take in the southern ocean views. This requires a considered design response to ensure that the best of both worlds is achieved in a balanced way, so that northern winter sun is encouraged in to living spaces and the warmth created isn’t lost through over glazed south facing aspect.  For this project, ocean views provide solace in the familiar elements of our client’s urban beginnings as they transition into their coastal roots of Torquay.

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