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Smythesdale Vet

Commercial / regional architecture/ heritage overlay

Smythesdale, Victoria



Smythesdale Vet is a new, purpose built veterinary clinic contributing to a growing network of regional clinics to accommodate an expanding client base for the Golden Plains Vet Practice.  The building is now owned by Fur Life Vet (signage altered from the original integrated signage design).  The Smythesdale Vet Clinic is the third of three purpose built clinics we completed between 2018-2021, which included a new purpose built Vet Clinic in Bannockburn (also now owned by Fur Life) as well as a purpose built Equine Hospital in Lethbridge for Golden Plains Equine goldenplainsequine.com.au/ 

Smythesdale is a historic regional town with a rich architectural context to be considered when integrating a contemporary commercial building.  The design response included a contemporary interpretation of traditional building elements, especially when viewed from the historic main street, which is controlled by a heritage overlay.

Each clinic includes: three consultation rooms, an operating theatre, radiology, pathology, recovery, reception and staff facilities, car parking, disability access etc.

The equine hospital included: specialised theatre and treatment spaces, induction/recovery stalls, isolation stalls, recovery stalls/yards and general accommodation, car parking, disability access as well as the overall master planning of external yards and accommodation for a farrier as part of the facilities services offered.

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