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Festival Stand

Community architecture / Performance Space / Otways / Hinterlands

Deans Marsh, Victoria

Renee Wigley Photography (concert photos)


Slowely but surely!

The Deans Marsh Festival Stand is a place for community celebration.  Symbolic centric rings radiate out into the community, whilst creating ‘a bit of drama’ that reflects the performance within.  These symbolic smoke rings are welcoming of all communities (reinforced by the universal access design features), particularly during the Deans Marsh Festival and other community events held at the reserve. 

The enclosing woodland windbreak protects the ceremony within, via an informal timber screen shaped by local bush poles.  The woodland screen extends out to each side reinforcing the informality of nature, shifting from its primary screen function into a playful woodland, made up of a series of bush poles, some halved and slightly offset, others to be carved and fashioned reflective of other Deans Marsh community artworks, while others just to be weaved around and hidden behind. 

Deans Marsh and surrounds have a vibrant arts scene, with its integration an important element into a community project such as the Deans Marsh Festival Stand.

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