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Casa Familia

Heritage / Town planning / Contemporary addition / Flexible planning / Honest materials

Wadawurrung, Geelong West, Victoria

Don Sell


Like many young growing families with work and life demands shifting, the program for Casa Familia was to deliver adaptable spaces that can evolve over the years as family lifestyle demands change.

The original 1940’s Californian bungalow frontage is protected by a heritage overlay, paying homage to an era past. The original central hallway steps down to a contemporary polished concrete floor, signalling the transition between eras. This internal transition is reflected in the change of external aesthetic from period to modern.

North facing sliding doors allow winter sun to work with the thermal mass of the exposed slab floor to help heat the space and stabalise internal temperatures, while encouraging natural light and grant extension of space into the established garden. 

Honest finishes comforted a single income budget, yet most importantly highlighted the exclusive beauty of raw materials. Minimal fixed furniture with multifunctional storage provides pre-meditated detail for purpose-built adaptability. When home means family, work and play, it’s a Casa Familia.

Geelong Independent
October 2020

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