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Bush House

Otways / Regional architecture / Builders house

Deans Marsh, Victoria


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The Bush House rests in the outer hinterland of the Great Otway’s National Park with views towards Pennyroyal Creek. The house is constructed on land that was previously the family farm, land with deep connections to our client.  The site falls to the east towards natural wetlands, elevating the house towards the beautiful rural outlook.

The design is based on a traditional courtyard house, which has been distorted and splayed to better respond to the south western Victorian climate. The floor plan allows northern winter sun to warm living spaces, as well as forming a shield to the prevailing south westerly from the nearby coast.  The living space connects with a covered central deck – the courtyard – that is used year-round with the assistance of the anchoring rammed earth external fireplace.  Living spaces, both internal and external, take advantage of the northern aspect, whilst retaining connection to the site and surrounds.

A blend of natural and colourful materials add to the internal warmth and vibrancy of the home.

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