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Batesford Ridge House

New build / Regional architecture / Pool

Batesford, Victoria


Watching this project come to life was particularly satisfying, as it was literally watching our very good friends’ dreams come to life.  We know how that sounds, however, if you could see their faces each time we visit it’s the pick me up that helps fuel the fire.  The ups and downs of COVID has meant we have not enjoyed as much time with our friends on their patch as we would have liked.  The pool is in, so fingers crossed for this summer. 

The site falls quite steeply to the east, with extensive views from the You Yang’s across to the Geelong Cement Silo’s (although this landmark has now disappeared).  The views are a feature and a panoramic response was essential.  The house design follows the contour, which, also optimises the all-inclusive views, so that works.  Ideally the view and contour would optimise the northern orientation, however, the north orientation hasn’t been forgotten and the design certainly allows for northern winter sun to key spaces. 

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